This website was set up in the summer of 2018 by R. Michael Schauffele It is meant to serve as a forum for anyone who has any interest in any of the surnames listed on the home page due to their ancestry.

The following goals are pursued with this website:

  1. Completion and possibly integration of the among others in www.ancestry.com, www.myHeritage.com  or www.geni.com as well as in probably even more websites maintained family trees. Motto: Back to the roots of the earliest documented occurrences of the respective surnames. We are aware that the original surname was a vocational name and was probably written as Szhevelin in the Middle Age (Mittelhochdeutsch) and like other often used vocational names were developed in multiple locations. Deriving from names like Scheifelin or Schäuffelein we see today multiple different name forms. I like to challenge etymologists specialized on family names to contribute with deepening scientific views!
  2. There is a great deal of interest in establishing contacts with the descendants of these ancestors, contemporary living around the world in bringing the history of the respective family branches together as individual chronicles to form an overview study. As the initiator of these projects and the current administrator of this website and this diversified actions I realize that it will probably take years or decades for the most important information to be presented clearly. I myself am working since over 50 years including some longer breaks on these genealogical researches.
  3. This website shall furthermore help to make the first big Scheifelin – Schauffele – Family-and Name-Reunion and Cyber - Reunion on Saturday June 1,  2019,in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Germany  a success.

Please surf around in the open part of this website, informing yourself about special themes and events, information which you can access with the click on the specific links. If this results in your interest for more information, then please register yourself applying for a membership. The application will not immediately return credentials to access the interior information for members but will have to be acknowledged before we can provide your credentials for access by email.

I require your understanding that only those individuals can be given access to detailed information who register as members, disclosing their relevant personal information and the reason for their interest.

If you do not immediately want to be registered as a member, we are happy to offer you writing to us using the contact form. Please consider in your expectations to receive a response to your registration or contact request, that not always immediately can be a responded individually and generally interested answers are expected to be answered initially only on the website itself.

The administrator
R. Michael Schauffele