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June 9, 2019 

I thank all participants of our reunion who made it with their attendence to a successful family-feast! 

In the near future, but not before returning to California, I will work on the documentation and other outcome of the reunion.  

In advance I especially want to thank - even on this public page of our website - our cousin Horacio Percossi who is a descendant of the Argentinian Schauffele Line and lives in Switzerland, for the unexpected  wonderfull performance of singing  à capella a Tango in Spanish! It was a pleasure for everyone to listen to this soulful song from a Swabian-Italian throat!

The suggestions of participants to continue the family research and to make sure that a long-term safeguarding  custody of documents is ensured, of course, that the data collected in 55 years partially more or less ordered and stored in Germany and California, must be brought in order by myself. However, after my return to California priorities are to take care of everything layed to the side and postponed during the last weeks and months.

Despite this it will probably still worthwhile to visit from time to time this family website and watch the development. 

All participants of the reunion and members will be informed by email as soon as there will be progress and the report of the reunion will be ready.  

Michael Schauffele 

9. Juni 2019



May 31, 2019 

In case you want to contact us during the event via Skype or plan to send a video greeting please contact me  by phone to +49 (176) 962-14172.  We are only able to show videos which we will receive today until 8PM CEST
Everyone who has not yet paid, is asked to pay at the registration desk.


May 28, 2019
Registration is now possible only by phone to +49 (176) 962-14172
Those who have registered or contacted me and announced to participate and have not yet paid I am urging to do so immediately!
Michael Schauffele


May, 22nd , 2019

Since May 18, 2019 I am staying in Germany.
I can be reached on my German mobile phone +49 (176) 962 14172.
The last days before my departure were very busy and stress loaded, forcing me to accomplish a lot “left-overs”!


Unfortunately there was an error in the PayPal account and payments were rejected and reimbursed. I am asking those who’s payments were rejected to pay again or to transfer into account “Schauffele-familynet” at BW-Bank IBAN DE28 6005 0101 7005 5383 05.

We are still busy with the preparations and would be happy to welcome evan more participants.
Unfortunately I could not yet fill up the galleries. Please be patient.
All those who have registered for the website and for the reunion will receive a user name and password by email for access to the internal pages of the website within the coming 2-3 days.


Michael Schauffele
May, 22nd , 2019



April 17, 2019
The peparations for the reunion  are under way! We still would appreciate more registrations for participation!
Unfortunately I was still not able to download more photos and documents to the galleries. Those who signed in will be able to access the interior pages after receiving access data.


A very special information for golfers an sports enthusiasts:
Xander Schauffele has tied for second at THE 2019 MASTERS in Augusta!
He finished only one stroke behind Tiger Woods on his admireable and historic come back!

if you want to send greetings to our family member Xander visit his website under Contact. 
If the website doesn't load fast enough just hover over the X or click on it.


April 1, 2019 NO APRIL FOOL!

There are some who were interested to participate but think the share of cost for the organization is too high.
As I am interested to welcome as many as possible at the reunion I am anouncing:

Pleasethe share how much you think you can contribute!

I personally carry the rest of the costs for the organization!


And I will reimburse on their demand those who have already paid or transfer a part of it as a donation for future Family research incl. support for Y-DNA tests into the donation account.


Michael Schauffele. April 1, 2019



March, 18, 2019 Standings of the registration for participation:

I am sad to report that after all my efforts and the optimistic outlook for enough registrants, the number of registrations DOES NOT MAKE me happy! BUT I DO NOT GIVE UP AND WE HAVE DECIDED TO GO ON WITH THE PREPARATIONS DESPITE A SO FAR UNSATISFYING NUMBER! I want not to disappoint the international participants now comming even from Australia! I think it should be an honor for every relative to participate!


I am asking at least everyone who has told me in advance during the preparation so register now promptly!
If you have problems to register, let me immediately know and I will send you an easy to follow "Step by Step" instruction how to do it!



The reunion will take place at “Kursaal Gastronomie” see


Address: Kursaal Cannstatt, Königsplatz 1, 70372 Stuttgart. Germany








I thank all who have registered so far and paid there share! I must postpone the dead line for the "Registration for Participation" for the Reunion because several who have earlier confirmed to participate have not yet registered with the form provided under Registration for Partizipation. Please read carefully the Invitation and Information about the event, print out and fill out the PDF file to calculate the share and cost for consumption and then fill out the form to register.




Thank You very much!

Sincerest greetings!
Michael Schauffele



February 9, 2019 

Finally all elements for information and to register for the reunion on June 1, 2019 are now published and accessible from the HOME page!

Please register as soon as possible! We need to know the number of oarticipants to make the final reservation for the location of the reunion.

If you have problems with the forms or the payment, please contact me using email-address


February 5, 2019

Sorry! There was another delay working on the website!! 

Therefore the 

the deadline for registration is extended until March 3, 2019 


The form for registration for the event will be published latest on February 8, 2019 on this website.


December, 14,  2018 
The "Scheiffele-Schauffele Family-and Name-Reunion" will take place June 1, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany!
The location for the event will be determined after we will have received the the registration forms. 
The schedule of the event and the registration form for participation will be soon published on this website. 
Provisionally registrations so far (even before the registration form is published)   24 


November 17, 2018

The expected date for the "Scheiffele-Schauffele Family-and Name-Reunion"  in 2019 in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Germany will be determined soon.

The meeting will take place on a Saturday between mid-May and mid-June 2019.
Beside participants from Germany we expect some international participants as well from Switzerland, Argentina, USA and possibly from England.
We are currently writing invitation letters to several hundred name bearers in Germany from the name group shown on our website and we will soon do the same in the United States. These letters contain as well calls to support the family and name research project.
We will soon also inform you about the accounts for this website and the family reunion at PayPal as well as about other activities of the organization.

November 17, 2018, Michael Schauffele