Step-by-step instructions for registering to participate:


Attention! If this manual is opened in a separate window in your PC, the inserted links can also be clicked directly. The corresponding pages of the website will then be opened.


  1. You have already done the first step by opening the Website from a browser.

  2. The website is trilingual therefore please first check if the English version of the homepage is open! 
    If this is not the case, then please choose the language in the small language menu on the top right corner of the homepage by clicking  on English on the left side of the small British flag . The English version of the homepage will then be opened.

  3. With the next step please click on the link  Latest Reunion News  at the very bottom of the homepage. It is important to carefully read this information because there could be changes at any time which would be announced there.

  4. Then please click on the link Invitation and Information there will be explained every­thing you should know about the reunion in detail. I am asking for your understanding that some things are described multiple times in several places. The website has been in progress for a long time, therefore similar descriptions have been partially included in different documents.

  5. Very important: At the end of the page called up under 4., below the  comments under the headline INFORMATION open the form Share of Costs for participating English.pdf, print it out, calculate the total amount for all participants which will be registered together with this registration. Date and sign keep the original and send a copy by email attachment to one of my email addresses shown there.

  6. With the next step please click on Schedule of Events  and make  yourself acquainted with the program of the event.

  7. Last step, open the online registration form by clicking on Register to participate Reunion and fill it out as it is  described there. At the end click on PREVIEW and check if everything is OK. Then submit the form. And of course, please pay with one of the options as provided.


IMPORTANT! You need to fill out only one form per family or group!

If there are problems, please contact me immediately by email.


Visalia, California March 18, 2019

Thank you and see you soon!

Sincerest Greetings
Michael Schauffele