Here are a few points about this membership:

On the Homepage of our website each visitor, who is not registered as a member can generally look up information our Family-Research-Projects and information about planned events.  And, - this is intended later - links can also be found to other interesting projects Including family-research and information how to get there,.

All those who are turning in a form for registration as a member of our website will, in the interests of all Members, be reviewed and only recognized if the information  entered is confirms the relationship or if the applicant can credibly assure that he has only a vested interest in membership because he himself is a name holder of the name group or a descendant of such a name holder.

All those who register as members and are recognized, will receive a username and password for login to the interior of the website.


We will not accept questionable applications or applications with fantasy names and without full mandatory information.


We will have different levels of eligibility for viewer access, in a way that only between the closer circle of kinship reciprocal contacts can be established. But we may Instead set up the possibility that a contact form can be sent through the website itself to other members without disclosing a specific address or email address. Members can then come to an agreement whether they want to exchange email addresses.


The benefits of membership include:

1.             Insight into various of us so-called "galleries" with photos, possibly videos, documents, CVs, family stories, ancestor lineages and other documents on genealogy, and of course also the elements submitted by other members.

2.             Insight into the latest findings of our family research including reports of finding matches with the Y-DNA of the Scheiffelin bis Schauffele lineage.

3.             Direct or indirect contact with other members.

4.             Possibility to submit your own photos, family stories and documents about family history. Everything that is of general interest will be published.

5.             All members are asked to send in such documents and can also publish links to their own websites on our website.

6.             In addition, I will give all members as guests the insight into the Schauffele-Family-Tree At Where I have been a member since more than 10 years.